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Bierpaket Kuchlbauer Turm Weisse + Design Glas

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in ca. 4-6 Tagen in ca. 4-6 Tagen (abroad may vary)
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3,17 EUR per liter

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Weight: 16 kg per piece

Bierpaket Turmweisse + Sammlerglas

Packagebeerfrom the breweryKuchlbauer"WhiteTower" PackageContents: 15xKuchlbauerWhiteTower0.5ltr. 1xWhiteTower-GlassDesignCapacity 0.5 liters. Thebottle depositfor this packageisEUR 1.20. In agoodmarketsortdrinksyoucanmakethedeposit bottlesbackandthusgetbackyourdeposit.

Alc. % vol.
plus deposit 0 EUR
Bottle Capacity 0 ltr.

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